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Krushinmel Krushinmel Kanunna Tharitha

Krusinmel krusinmel Kaanunnatharitha
praana naathan praana naathan
en perkai chaakunnu

Aalmave paapathin kazhcha nee kaanuka
Daivathin puthra nee shapathilayallo

Ithramam snehathe ethranaal thalli njan
Ee mahapaapathe daivame orkalle

Paapathe snehippan njanini pokumo
daivathin paithalai jeevikum njanini

Kashtangal vannalum nashtangal vannalum
krusinmel kaanunna snehathe orkum njan

Paapathin shodhana bhemamai varumpol
krusinmel kaanunna snehathe orkum njan

Paapathin olangal sadhuve thallumpol
krusinmel kaanunna snehathe orkum njan

Ithratholam Jayam Thanna Daivathinu Sthothram
Puthanam Yerushalemil Ethum Kalam
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