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Sarva Nanmakalkum Sarva Dhanagalkum

Sarva nanmakalkum Sarva Daanangalkum
Uravidamam En Yeshuve
Ninne Njan Stuthichidunnu
Dinavum Parane Nandiyal

Azhi Aazhathil Njan Kidannu
Koorirul Enne Mara Pidichu
Nathan Thirukaram Thediyethi
Thiru Marvodu Cherthanachu

Parishudhathmaval Niraikka
Anudinavum Enne Parane
Thiru Velaye Thikachiduvan
Nal Varangale Nalkeeduka

Shudhikai Nee Yeshu Samipay Poyo
Krushil Kandu Njan Nin Snehathe

6 Responses on “Sarva Nanmakalkum Sarva Dhanagalkum

  1. Minimol John says:

    Beautiful worship song. God bless you for sharing this song.

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Thank you Sister, Many songs lyrics ll update soon on website. Now songs Collection you can find below link

  2. Mariamma says:

    A beautiful song.Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Mariamma,

      Thanks for your valuable comment… God Bless You…

      Regards, Jo

  3. jenson r says:

    Really nice worship songs great one brother

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Jenson,

      Thank you for the valuable comment.

      God Bless 🙂

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