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A Heart Like Thine, Come to my soul

Come to my soul, blessed Jesus.
Hear me, O Savior divine.
Open the fountain and cleanse me.
Give me a heart a heart like Thine.

Give me a love that knows no ill.
Give me the grace to do Thy will.
Pardon and cleanse this soul of mine.
Give me a heart like Thine.

Only a joy, a few brief years,
Only a dream, a vale of tears;
Vain is this world, I now resign.
Give me a heart like Thine.

Open mine eyes that I may see.
Show me the cross of Calvary.
There may I go and not repine.
Give me a heart like Thine.

Pillow my head upon Thy breast.
Shelter my soul and give me rest.
Fill me with love as I recline.

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