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Aaradhikkunnae Njangal Aaradhikkunnae

Aradhikkunnu Njangal Aradhikkunnu
Aalmanathan yesuvine aaradhickunne

Aaradhickunnu njangal aaradhickunne
Aalmavilum sathyathilum aaradhickunne

Hallelujah hallelujah geetham padidam
Hallelujah geetham padi aaradhichidam

Innu njangal visvasathal aaradhikunnu
Annu nathan mukham-kandu aaradhichidum

Bendnam azhiyum kettukal azhiyum aaradhanayinkal
Kottakal thakarum badakal ozhiyum aaradhanayinkal

Rogam marum ksheenam marum aradhanayinkal
Mankudam udayum thee katheedum aradhanayinkal

Aaradhyan Yesupara Vanangunnu Njan Priyane
Aradippan Namukku Karanamundu

8 Responses on “Aaradhikkunnae Njangal Aaradhikkunnae

  1. Sam says:

    Nice song

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Dear Sam,
      Thank you for your comment, God Bless 🙂
      Regards, Jo

  2. smita says:

    Great job Jo. Song and lyrics were helpful. 2 stanzas were missing in the lyrics.

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Smita,

      Thanks for your valuable comment… God Bless You…

      Regards, Jo

  3. praveen says:

    Its also one of my favourite song of god thank u brother god will bless u and your family

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for your valuable comment… God Bless You…

      Regards, Jo

  4. Jeril tom says:

    Wow really nice work .great job a good example for new generation .

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Jeril,

      Thanks for the comment, God Bless 🙂

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