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Anbe Umakku Aarathanai Enthan

Anbe Umakku Aarathanai
Enthan Azhage Umakku Aarathanai..

Aarathanai Aarathanai Aaviyil Aarathanai
Aarathanai Aarathanai Abhishega Aarathanai

Pithave Umakku Aarathanai
Padaitthavarae Umakku Aarathanai

Yesuvae Umakku Aarathanai
Parisuttha Thevanae Umakku Aarathanai

Parisuttha Aaviye Aarathanai
Thutikku Paathirarae Aarathanai

Anbey Pirathanam Sakothara
Anathi senagathal Ennai Neysitheeraiyya

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