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Devane Aradhikindreyen Theivame

Devaney Aradhikindreyen
Theivamey Aradhikindreyen

Adhikalaiyil Aradhikindreyen
Anandha Sathathodu Aradhikindreyen

Kanmalaiyey Aradhikindreyen
Kanbavarey Aradhikindreyen

Mulumanathodu Aradhikindreyen
Mulanthal Padiyittu Aradhikindreyen

Yehovah Yireh Aradhikindreyen
Ellamey Parthu Kolveer

YehovahNishi Aradhikindreyen
Ennalum Vetri Tharuveer

Yehovah Shalom Aradhikindreyen
Ennalum Samadhanamey

Devan Namathu Adaikkalamum
Deva Suthi Seiyum Akkini

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