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Ella Magimaikkum Pathirarey

Yella Magimaikkum Pathirarey
Yella Ganathukkum Pathirarey

Asaivadum Theivamey ….
Engal Mayley Asaivadumey ..

Sengadal Meyl Asaivadineer
Yellathadaigalai Matrineerey
Engal Thadaigal Meyl Asaivadumey

Ullarntha Elumbirku Uyir Thantheerey
Enn Valkaiyil Asaivadumey ..
Enn Valkaiyil Asaivadumey

Yericho Madilmeyley Asaivadineer
Yella Thadaigalai Matrineerey
Engal Meyley Asaivadumey ..

Pavulum Silavum Padumpothu
Siraisalaiyil Asaivadineer
Engal Meyley Asaivadumey ..

Elunthu Bethelukku Poo
Ella Namathirkum Miga Meylanathu

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