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Ella Navum Padi Vazhthum

Ella Navum Padi Vazhthum
Aaradyanam yeshuve
Sthothrayagam arpichennum
Ange vazthi sthuthichidunnu (2)

Yogyan nee yeshuve
Sthuthikalku yogyan nee
Yogyan nee yogyan nee
Daiva kunjade nee yogyan

Nithyamayi snehichenne
Thiruninathal veendeduthu
Uyirthennum jeevikunnu
Maranathe jayichavane

Soukya dayakan en yeshu
Adipinaral soukyam nalki
Aasrayam nee ente nadha
Ethra madhuryam jeevithathil

Onnumillaykayil Ninnenne
Sthuthikkunnu Njan En Daivame

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