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Engal Meethu Asaivadum Engal Deva

Engal Meethu Asaivadum
Engal Deva Aveeyey
Emmai Viduvika
Emmai Uyirpika
Engal Meethu Irangidum

Asaivadum Aveeyey Anbai Ootrum
Asaivadum Aveeyey Analakidum ..
Bayam Neekidum Belan Thanthidum
Thelintha Buthiyai Thanthidum, Engal Meethu ..

Sathiya Aveeyey Bothithidum
Sathiya Aveeyey Kann Thiranthidum ..
Sathiyathin Meyl Anbai Ootrum
Sathiyathirku Satchiyakum, Engal Meethu ..

Parisutha Aveeyey Parisutham Tharum
Parisutha Aveeyey Aveekullakum ..
Parisutha Pathai Paraloga Pathai
Paravasamai Sella Nadathidum, Engal Meethu ..

Engalukkuley Vasam Seiyum Aviyanavarey
Enathu Kariyamaga Yarai

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