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Enthan Yesu Kaividamaataar

Enthan Yesu Kaividamaataar
Ennai Maranthidemataar

Alleluya …

Ninthanai Poraatthathil
Nesar Ennai Thaanginaar
Sothanai Vanthe Pothellaam
Thappi Sella Vazhi Kaatinaar

Aayiram Thunbam Vanthalum
Atcham Enakkillaiyae
Aranum KottaiyumAvar
Atthanaiyum Thagarthiduvaarae

Sikkiram Varappogindra
Nesarukkaai Kaathiruppaen
Eriyum Vilakkenthiyae
Yesuvin Pin Selluven

Indru Kanda Egypthiyanai
Ennai Neysikindraya

2 Responses on “Enthan Yesu Kaividamaataar

  1. Stanley says:

    Hello brother.. thank u for the effort of helping us to find the lyrics..
    Im looking for the tamil lyrics of this song paramonnathan paripaavanan which is in malayalam sung by heartbeats…

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Stanly,

      Will trying to find out and update you.

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