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Jo Mathew Channel Introduction

This is a Christian songs promotional website only; all songs placed here for introducing purpose and gospel promotion.
Please, buy original CDs, DVDs from authors, because I respect and give all the credit to the Creators, Singers and Producers.
If you are the rightful owner of any songs posted here, and you don’t want to publish it from my channel Please feel free to contact me, so I can remove your song form this channel. Thank You, God Bless You, Amen!

Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

32 Responses on “Jo Mathew Channel Introduction

  1. I am in US for some meetings at Nashville May 1-3 then Houston from May 8-10. Will land in Chicago on 29th. Anil Yeeshudas is my nephew.

    Jai Yeeshu

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Thompson,
      Thank You for you comments, God Bless you and your ministry 🙂
      Regards, Jo

      1. Fredy chacko says:

        Praise the Lord bro.please send me the lyrics of the Malayalam song no.85 naadhaneealaiyo. [email protected]

        1. Jo Mathew says:

          Hello Bro, all the songs lyrics will available soon 😊


    pls give me the words of” EPPOSZUM NJAN SATHOSHIKUM”by v nagal

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Anish,

      Please check your email. God Bless 🙂

      Regards, Jo

    2. Malar says:

      PTL brother… Can you please email me the lyrics of malayam song no 141..tq

      1. Jo Mathew says:

        Hello Malar,

        You can check lyrics now… Thanks

  3. kingsly says:

    very nice song ….. may god bless you
    and your ministry’s. may god bless you

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Kingsly,

      Thanks for your valuable comment… God Bless You…

      Regards, Jo

  4. Udayashankar says:

    Bro i want tamil tpm songs..
    Plz watsapp me at 8880083782… What ever tamil tpm song u have

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Bro,

      Download option is available now…

  5. Lino says:

    Even when you say you values copyright and credits for the authors , and doing this just for the promotion of gospel . Why do you steal someone’s creativity . When I say stealing , I meant placing ads in your website and trying for a revenue from it . You are breaking the Gods 7 th commandment for the sake of Gospel .. as per 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 it will be difficult for thieves to enter the kingdom of God … God bless

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      I really understand what you mean, also thanks for the comments, do you know how much i get the revenue? for what purpose i am spending the revenue? everyone can comments on it. this website helps many of the people to find out the songs, i am getting lots of positive request too. God’s gave a talent i am utilizing this way. god’s only know the heart of people, He know me and you too… God Bless 🙂

  6. Thomas Abraham says:

    Hello brother Jo Mathew,

    I am Thomas, church junior choir leader. We tried to down load the karoke of Kumbam bali jeevitham but we couldnt find. Can you please send me the karaoke track of kudumbam bali jeevitham, we will be very greatful


    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Thomas Bro,

      Sorry for the late reply, I don’t have this karaoke bro 🙁 if I get I will get back to you.

  7. navin says:

    ptl bro i want all you r lyrics collection tamil telghu hindi marathi

  8. navin says:

    would u able to give it to me yes or no plz tell fast

  9. Lijon C J says:

    May I get the minus track of Eshoye sung by Rajalakshmi.

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Bro, will try to get it

  10. Lijon C J says:

    Sorry for the the earlier comment. Song name was wrongly mentioned. Nandhi allathonnumilla

  11. Christy says:

    I am from Tamil Nadu.So please give lyrics in English for all your songs

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Christy,

      Please download now… Thanks

  12. Malar says:

    PTL brother… Can you please email me the lyrics of malayam song no 141..tq

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Bro,

      Check now, Thank you

  13. Stephen says:

    Praise the Lord brother,
    I was trying to get lyrics of Tamil song paraloaka yatrayil but I was not able to get, please can you send me lyrics.

    Thank you

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Brother,

      I will try to upload brother, God bless

  14. Bishop J P mylath says:

    I enjoy your duet songs very well. Praise the Lord for your voice

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hello Brother,

      I am not a singer, all credit goes to respected owners, God bless

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