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Yeshuve Oru Vakku Mathi

Yeshuve oru vaakku mathi
En jeevitham maariduvaan
Ninte sannidhiyil ippol njaan
Ninte mozhikalkkaay vaanjchikkunne

Yeshuve en priyane
Ninte mrdusvaram kelppikkane
Mattonnum vendippol
Ninte oru vaakku mathi enikk

Marichavare uyarppichathaam
Rogikale viduvichathaam
Kodungkaatine adakkiyathaam
Ninte oru vaakku mathi enikk

Ente avasthakal maarriduvaan
Ennil rupaantharam varuvaan
Njaan erre phalam nalkaan
Ninte oru vaakku mathi enikk

Ithratholam Yahova Sahayichu
Aradhikumbol Viduthal Aradhikumbol Soukhyam

4 Responses on “Yeshuve Oru Vakku Mathi

  1. Mrs Roshin says:

    Very good song and your voice also. God bless you keep it

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Dear Roshin,
      Thank you for your comment, God Bless 🙂 Not Mine…
      Regards, Jo

  2. S. Thomas, Mumbai says:

    My favourite song. (I hum it constantly.)
    Ningalude avasthakal maarridattu. God bless.

    1. Jo Mathew says:

      Hi Thomas Bro,

      Thanks for the comment, God Bless 🙂

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